What is Opolis?

Opolis is a high-security E-Mail service.

Combining latest E-Mail security technologies, Opolis transmits, processes and stores all your confidential messages in encrypted mode. Accessible from all over the world, Opolis operates on your PC in parallel to standard E-Mail applications, such as Microsoft's Outlook or Apple's Mail. The Opolis Mail Client runs on any machine and does not require any specific configuration.

Opolis is a fully integrated service provider for all your confidential E-Mails, combining a global infrastructure, server systems, backup facilities, storage and customer service.

The Power to the Sender concept of Opolis allows the sender to protect, control and monitor all sent messages. With Opolis, it is always the sender of an E-Mail who has ultimate authority and control over the flow of messages and its attachments.

"I Protect": Opolis E-Mails are immediatly encrypted when sent and can only be decrypted and read by the authorised recipient, and nobody else. Neither can anyone read Opolis E-Mails whilst these are transmitted or safely stored on the Opolis server system. Opolis uses a Public-Private Key technology for encryption and the services of iTrust as a registry of public keys for Opolis Users. Opolis also ensures that message content or information in relation to the message flow cannot be manipulated or falsified.

"I Decide": The sender of an Opolis E-Mail decides whether the recipient may copy, print, respond to or forward a message to another Opolis User or not.

"I Control": The sender of an Opolis E-Mail can actively and live monitor the path and status of each message sent.